THE Cerebral Podcast

Episode 2: The Power of Weakness

April 28, 2019

Today/April 28 is National Superhero Day. In this episode, Rob talks about the Wizard of Oz and The Incredible Hulk. He talks about Erin Bischoff, a girl in a wheelchair who recently starred as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" at Hasbrouck Heights High School in New Jersey. Rob refers to the Tin man and The Incredible Hulk as two characters he identified with. Seeing Lou Ferrigno fall had a profound physical impact on him.  He discusses his disability and learning about the strength of exercises because of Jawonio. He also talks about the impact of dignity and respect and how he turned it into a powerful DRILLS tool for success. Extra: After recording the episode, Rob found out about How CrossFitter Steph Hammerman Became Nike’s First Adaptive Training Sponsored Athlete. She is another example of what Rob talks about with the empowerment of tools and devices.

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