THE Cerebral Podcast

Episode 39: Neuro-rehabilitation, the GRADE Approach and The Bionic Showdown

January 15, 2021

The joke of the day comes from me. The quote comes from Albert Einstein.  Today, I will be talking more about more about neuroplasticity and neuro-rehabilitation.

Then, I will be talking about the GRADE approach. Then, I will mention skill development. Next, I will be talking about resilience factors. And

Finally, In this week's rite of passage experiences or ROPE, I will be talking about [ the Bionic Man and the Bionic Showdown from 1989. And I talk and about the song Mr Roboto from 1983, in relation to my Cerebral Palsy.

Check out episode 8 where I talk more about compiling and processing.


Credits: Thanks for audio editing powered by Jacob Thurmond. Thanks @UMG on behalf of A&M Records 1983. 

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