THE Cerebral Podcast

Episode 49: The Enrichment Approach with Movement Therapy and Lean on Me

March 25, 2021

I started with my own joke about stances. Then I used another quote from Greek philosopher Plato, about changing circumstances. Then I talked about enriched environments, and movement therapy.

In this week's RITE OF PASSAGE EXPERIENCES or ROPE, I talked about Bill Withers and the Lean on Me song from the 1970s.  I also talked about the 1989 Lean on Me movie. The movie starred Morgan Freeman about principal Joe Clark. I wrote a new short dance poem about leaning. 

Audio editing by Jacob Thurmond

Episode resources

Plato - There are two things a person should never be…

Dance / Movement Therapy (DMT)

Lean on Me (song)

Lean on Me (film)


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